Psyjuridica2016_2588_toimisto_pieniWe founded PsyJuridica in 2010, after having worked together for several years on common projects with the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation. During those years we realized how often psychology and law collide, and our impression has only grown stronger during our entrepreneurship.

To our knowledge PsyJuridica is the first company in Europe to combine judicial and psychological services and expertise under the same roof. Many of our clients take advantage of the possibility to use both services simultaneously. This will lower the clients expenses compared to a situation where he or she would buy both services separately.

We founded our company on the idea that people’s stress during legal proceedings could be eased and prevented by psychological means. Many people, companies and corporations taking part in legal proceedings are unwell because of it. We have methods to our use that can significantly lower these feelings of stress and anxiety. The behavioural psychology is also present in many other aspects while taking care of judicial matters for companies and private persons. Psychological expertise plays an important part for example during mediation negotiations, when drawing up a strategy for the legal proceedings, giving an evaluation of damage and acknowledging the needs of the children in a custody battle. For us, a good outcome of our work is when our client feels that he or she has gotten unique service that has significantly increased her well-being in all areas of life.

It is important for us to affect, by training, researching and writing, how the Finnish judicial world is seen, and how people experience and understand it. We have taken part in preparing the new legislation concerning stalking and trained both judges in all court instances as well as numerous lawyers in psychology and administration of justice. We do scientific research alongside our other work, thanks to our passion for it. At the same time we try to produce information on different current societal questions, which are in touch with forensic psychology.