Legal psychology services

Our legal psychology services include psychology statement writing, testifying in court, consulting lawyers in legal writing, mediation and witness and client preparation for court. We have over 15 years of experience of working with advocates, prosecutors, the police and judges. We have provided consultancy on criminal cases, divorce and family cases, employment disputes, housing cases, traffic cases, and immigration and asylum cases.

Consultancy on work and organisational psychology

Our office consults companies and corporations on conflict management, mediation, job related stress and trauma, positive psychology, job satisfaction etc. We regularly provide training on these topics for various organisations. We do also work counselling.

Work counselling is a target-oriented and professional activity of interaction, where the trained work counsellor helps the client to examine his or her own work, to acknowledge the effects of his ways of working and strives to maintain the client's motivation to work. Work counselling gives the opportunity to stop in the middle of the work stress and examine one's well-being at work and professional growth as well as the quality of one's work. Work counselling is especially important when the work community is changing or if the employees are doing psychologically burdening work. Work counselling can be carried out individually, in groups or in work communities.


Psychology and psychotherapy services

Psychologist’s appointment and psychotherapy are target-oriented and professional activities that aims to support the psychological growth and development of the clients, improve their own ability to solve their problems and further the clients well-being. Psychotherapy can be realized as individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy or group therapy. Psychotherapy takes place in a confidential interaction between the psychotherapist and the client. The psychotherapist is bound by professional secrecy. According to research the efficiency of psychotherapy is significant: more than two thirds of the clients that have gotten psychotherapy feel better after the sessions.

The forms of psychotherapy that our firm offer are cognitive-analytical therapy, solution-focused psychotherapy, EMDR-treatment and emotionally focused couples therapy. The successful outcome of the treatment requires the client and psychotherapist to be efficient, that they have a good ability to co-operate, a clear goal, a therapeutic focus and that the client is independent. The client's need for psychotherapy is determined during the first session. If the client needs professional psychiatric help he or she will be directed elsewhere.