The lawyers at our firm take care of matters concerning family law, succession, labour law, contract law, indemnity, criminal law, immigration law and housing. Our clients are both private persons, corporations and companies.

You can call us or send an e-mail in order to arrange a meeting. Our firm also attends legal matters as house calls and if needed in Swedish.

Family law, i.e. custody battles and division of the property of the spouses

PsyJuridica has worked as a specialist in several matters concerning family law.

As our client is it possible for you to get a marriage settlement agreement drawn up by our lawyers, as well as advice in all matters concerning property law in marriage and cohabitation without marriage. To this consulting is it also possible to add psychological counselling.

In issues concerning family law it is possible for our lawyers to act as executors in the division of the property of the spouses and in the separation of property after cohabitation or joint ownership. They can also be your counsel in a divorce or separation, and in issues concerning maintenance for possible children, as well as questions regarding custody and visiting rights.

According to the values of our firm and professional lawyer's conduct our assignments regarding family law start, almost without exception, with an attempt to mediate with the other party. A settlement saves the clients expenses and first and foremost promotes the parties co-operation, for example in matters concerning the future of common children. The parents' reconciliation is always an advantage for the children. It is possible for the client to have our psychologist, specialized in solution-focused mediation, present during the conciliation. If it isn't possible to reach an agreement between the parties, our lawyers strive to get the best possible outcome for our client in court.

In questions regarding family law our lawyers may, with the consent of the client, consult with either our psychologist and/or with our network of specialists in child psychiatry and psychology. Typically this type of consulting concerns:

a) The child (for example an evaluation on how frequently the child should visit his or her other parent, or an assessment whether the child needs psychological treatment or not).

b) The child's other parent (for example an aim to alienate the child from one of the parents, or what kind of prerequisites and abilities it takes for a parent to secure the child's upbringing.

c) Litigation (for example an evaluation of the other parent's personality while drawing up the strategy for a particular case or how the litigation might affect possible children).

Immigration law

PsyJuridica assists refugees who have left their home country or country of permanent residence for another country. As a refugee you are entitled to have a counsel present at your asylum interview. However, you should choose your counsel only after you have received an invitation to the asylum interview conducted by the Finnish Immigration Service.

Our lawyers provide legal aid and advice at all stages of the asylum seeking process. In case your asylum application is rejected by the Finnish Immigration service we can help you appeal the decision and represent you in the Helsinki Administrative Court.

The services of a lawyer are subject to a fee, but if your income is low or average, you may be eligible for free or partially reimbursed legal aid from the Public Legal Aid Office. Our lawyers can help you with the application.

For more information on the asylum seeking process, please see:

Law of succession, i.e. wills and distributions of estate

Our firm handles all legal matters concerning law of succession. We draw up wills and distributions of estate, make estate inventories, as well as assist estates and individual shareholders in different matters regarding inheritance.

We encourage people to draw up a will to avoid conflicts over the inheritance and to make the distribution of estate easier. According to our experiences is it especially important to compile a will in blended families. In addition to the traditional, written will PsyJuridica offers an opportunity to the client to make a taped will. The video is recorded on a location that the client has decided on, and he or she will receive the finished video of the will on a USB-stick. The main objective with the taped will is to clear the choices that the client has made and relay important thoughts, wishes and feelings to the inheritors. In order for the will to be admissible a written will must always be drawn up in addition to the taped will.

We are aware of the different psychological processes that often occur in conjunction with matters regarding inheritance. Typical situations can be the grief after a deceased relative, the challenges that a distribution of estates puts on the relationships between siblings or the feelings that arouse when the distribution of estate does not meet the expectations of the inheritor. In addition to our services concerning succession our firm can, with the clients consent, consult our psychology department. We have good experiences from for example solution-focused mediation between near relatives in conflicts regarding the distribution of estate.

Labour law, i.e. disputes, inappropriate treatment and discrimination at work

Our firm handles judicial assignments regarding disputes caused by the client's employment or service. These include challenges and problems the client faces while ending an employment, questions concerning discrimination at work, organizational changes, drawing up terms and interpreting a contract of employment, safety at work, gender equality issues, as well as dismissals and dissolutions of employment contracts.

During the last couple of years in Finland discrimination at work has increased as well as problems concerning the equality of the workers. The employee's subjective view of an unfair treatment does not guarantee that the case will succeed in a judicial process. The outcome in a conflict depends on an evaluation of the evidence and the employer's possible grounds for his actions. In our experience this leads to the fact that a person who is exposed to discrimination will need guidance on how to collect the needed evidence as early as possible. The legislation regarding discrimination at work is extremely difficult to perceive for a layman. That is why we go through all the details of the case with our client, especially questions concerning evidence and different possible interpretations of the situation.

Conflicts concerning labour law often disables the persons involved as well as the work environment. Persons involved in a conflict at work are often exposed to depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety. These types of conflicts often last long, which further weakens the psychological well-being for the parties concerned. In labour law conflicts we offer the client psychological counselling in order for them to cope with the situation.

Conflicts at the office create a threat to the company's reputation. No firm wants to be known as the employer that treats its staff disrespectfully and breaks the law. In these situation our firm also offers counselling in the psychology of communication and in questions concerning judicial responsibility. The way that the company communicates about the conflict, both internally and externally, affects the company's image and might have direct or indirect effect on the outcome of a possible judicial process.

Housing, i.e. real estate business, neighbourhood disputes and renting

Our firm handles real estate conflicts, construction disputes and assignments regarding piecework and assignments concerning housing corporations, for example neighborhood disputes and questions in relation to renting.

Buying, selling or building an apartment are big and important decisions for most people. Conflicts concerning apartments or real estate, as well as conflicts in construction, are often a result of a defect in quality. Depending on the situation the buyer or developer might be entitled to a cancellation of the contract, a price reduction and/or indemnity. Often the sellers/developers and buyers impressions of the size of the indemnity vary.

According to a study carried out by the University of Eastern Finland a large part of the Finnish population would not want to interfere with their neighbor's dealings, but one fourth has a neighbor that is difficult to get along with and 3% of the population are involved in a neighborhood dispute that significantly harms their everyday life. The conflicts usually concern renovations, changes in the environment, for example changes in the yard or other common areas, expansions of the building and planning of the site. Complaints to the authorities burden everyday life.

Our firm handles real estate conflicts as mediations and in court. If needed we also act as arbitrators in real estate conflicts between two companies. These cases often require other types of specialists, for example a goods inspector approved by the Chamber of Commerce, an engineer, a doctor specialised in symptoms caused by mould and an expert from the office for building inspections.

To save the clients expenses and improve the health and well-being of the client is it crucial to aim for an objective investigation that is carried out quickly and leads to a peaceful conclusion. For example putting off the reparations of a faulty apartment will prolong the symptoms of the people involved, and further cause more stress and anxiety to the family members. On the other hand, a real estate conflict that proceeds to court causes financial and psychological stress to the parties involved.

A successful outcome of a neighborhood dispute requires psychology as well as jurisprudence. The court's decision doesn't solve the tense atmosphere between the neighbors and can in some cases only make the situation worse. In real estate conflicts we also use our firm's special psychological know-how in order to avoid the case from proceeding to court. We have good experiences from using solution-focused mediation in these types of conflicts.

Contract law and indemnity

We help you draw up contracts and assist in negotiations between both companies and private persons. If needed we draw up the contract and counsel in questions concerning the interpretation and application of the contract. To be able to compile a good contract you need knowledge in contract law as well as indemnity law.

Our firm handles questions concerning indemnity after personal injuries, material damage or property damage, both on the side of the injured party and the culprit. The most important questions when dealing with indemnity concern the evaluation of responsibility, causality and the amount of the compensation.

Our firm start an assignment concerning contract law or indemnity almost without exception by an attempt to mediate with the other party.

We act as arbitrators in contract law conflicts between companies. In a conflict mediation and arbitration are costumer-oriented, efficient and fast alternative solutions to court proceedings. A reconciliation saves the clients expenses and makes it possible for the client to influence the outcome of the conflict.

To settle a conflict requires a certain ability to understand the needs, feelings and goals both parties have. In our experience for example an apology has a great affect while trying to reach a reconciliation. Many people are willing to compromise and sacrifice some of their demands if the opinions of both parties are brought out in a constructive way. It is possible for our client to have our psychologist, specialised in solution-focused mediation, present through the negotiations. If the parties are not able to reach an agreement, our lawyers strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our client in court proceedings.

Criminal law

PsyJuridica assists both the victim, the plaintiff, as well as the accused, the defendant, in criminal law cases. A fair trial requires that both the victim and the accused have the right to a counsel that fights for their client's best interest.

The answerable lawyer at our firm has dozens of years of experience working on both national and international criminal law cases. Our firm's psychologist has also worked for several years in co-operation with the police, supporting them in her own field of specialty. We continue to educate police officers both in Finland and abroad on questions regarding our field of specialty.

In criminal law cases questions concerning the evidence can often be demanding. Our knowledge of the different steps in the criminal investigation is in our advantage in these situation. The interpretation of the evidence, the reliability of the evidence and its sufficiency are factors that have to be analysed and challenged if needed. We do not hesitate to collect our own evidence if necessary, using our network of specialists in Finland and abroad.

Whether the counselling at hand concerns the plaintiff or the defendant, an early reference to us is very important, preferably in the beginning of the preliminary investigation. This makes it possible for us to help you from the beginning and tell you how the criminal process will proceed. It is important to us that the preliminary investigation carried out by the police is realized decorously and competently, respecting the client.

During the different stages in the process is it important to support the mental well-being and ease the stress of the involved. It is possible for you to consult our psychologist in these questions if necessary. Many of our clients feel that they have had valuable help of our psychological support during the criminal process. The methods used in this type of support include EMDR-treatment, among other things. In some cases the treatment has made it possible for a plaintiff to be present at the court proceedings, which would not have been possible without it.

Our firm acknowledges the fact that a criminal case may be sensitive and will ask the court to hear the case behind closed doors when possible. In some cases the victim of the crime can be heard in court without having to face the accused in the court room.