The billing at our firm is based on how many hours we have used to take care of the assignment. PsyJuridica follows the grounds set by the Association of Finnish Lawyers regarding the lawyer’s fees, as well as the principles set out by good lawyer conduct and the Finnish Psychological Association and Akava.

The lawyer’s fee is determined by the workload and quality of the work needed for completing the assignment. The degree of difficulty of the assignment can be acknowledged as a factor raising or lowering the fee. Work done outside of the regular working hours, in a foreign language, abroad, in especially difficult situations or assignments needing to be completed on an especially tight schedule due to reasons independent of the lawyer may be charged a higher fee. This higher fee will always be agreed upon with the client. The first consultation at our office will always include legal advice and is therefore not free of charge.

If the first phone call or preliminary inquiry by e-mail (max. 15 min.) does not lead to an assignment, it won’t be charged for.

The psychologist’s fee is determined by the quality of the assignment. According to the legislation concerning value-added taxes, there is no value-added tax on psychotherapy services. VAT is added on forensic psychological consulting, mediation services and work counselling.

Legal expenses insurance

A legal expenses insurance is included in many home insurances and business insurances. The legal expenses insurance covers at least a part of the costs caused by the assignment. The invoice will always be directed to the client. The compensation of the loss is a matter between the client and the insurance company. Our firm is not bound to the insurance company’s terms of paying compensation or their schedule.

Legal aid

In some cases people are entitled to legal aid from state resources either with an excess or without it. We will inform our clients about this possibility.

Hourly rates (incl. VAT 24 %):

Judicial services:

Standard assignment for a lawyer: 260-280 €/h

Assignment that requires special expertise: 290-310 €/h

Joint negotiation lawyer + psychologist/psychotherapist: 295 €/h

Psychology and psychotherapy services:

Consultation by a forensic psychologist for individuals (60 min, VAT 0 %): 140 €

Consultation by a forensic psychologist for couples (90 min, VAT 0 %): 210 €

Cope for Court psychological preparation of a witness or party for court sessions (60 min, VAT 0 %): 140 €

Statement by a forensic psychologist: 160 € / 60 min (+ VAT 24 %)

EMDR-therapy and psychotherapy for individuals (45 min, VAT 0 %): 105 €

EMDR-therapy and psychotherapy for individuals (60 min, VAT 0 %): 140 €

EMDR-therapy and psychotherapy for couples (90 min, VAT 0 %): 210 €

Work counseling, psychological training and coaching – ask for an offer

Educational services (training days, seminars etc.) – ask for an offer

Fees collected by the authorities and other payments (for example travelling expenses 0,44 €/km and copying fees 0,37 €/page for high volume copying) will be charged separately. For the time spent travelling we charge 110 €/h (+VAT 24%). For single conference calls, e-mails or other smaller assignments we charge for at least 15 minutes. For a text message we charge a minimum of 10 minutes.

In case the payment comes in late we charge a penalty interest according to the interest law. Beginning 1.1.2016, the penalty interest set by the Bank of Finland is 7,50 %. The fee charged separately for a reminder is 5,00 € each.

Booked appointments to a psychologist or a lawyer should be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead in case you can’t make it to the meeting. If the appointment is not cancelled beforehand it will be charged for.