Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm
Helinä Häkkänen-Nyholm

Founding partner, managing director and head of the psychology department

I’m a founding partner of PsyJuridica, managing director and head of the psychology department. I have a PhD in psychology, and I’m a licensed psychotherapist and a sexuality counsellor by training. Currently I am doing a three year expertise training of work and organizational psychology at the University of Tampere. I'm an adjunct professor of forensic psychology at the University of Eastern Finland and an adjunct professor of criminal psychology at the University of Helsinki. I have worked as an expert in forensic psychology since 2001. In 2002-2011 I worked as a behavioral investigative advisor and criminal profiler at the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation. During 2001-2011 my research was funded primarily by the Academy of Finland and European Council.


I’m in charge of the expertise work in forensic psychology at our firm. I regularly serve as an expert witness at court and consult lawyers in legal writing, witness preparation and mediation.


I educate, research and write. I have edited or written four books and authored and co-authored over 50 scientific papers in national and international scientific magazines. I’m in the editorial staff of two foreign scientific magazines. A central part of my work is to promote public discussion on issues related to forensic psychology. I actively participated in creating stalking legislation in Finland. I find it very important to develop legal psychology as a field of psychology in our society.


I work fluently in Finnish and English.


E-mail: helina.hakkanen-nyholm@psyjuridica.com

Phone: 044 3511630

Jan-Olof Nyholm

Founding partner, chairman of the board, a licensed counsel and head of the law department

I am a founding partner of PsyJuridica, chairman of the board, a licensed counsel and head of the law department at PsyJuridica. I am a Master of Laws by training and a Master of Laws trained on the bench. I have worked in the judicial field since 1981. I have a long experience from police work: over twenty years in different investigational and operational work in managing positions as well as over ten years of experience internationally at answerable positions in Europol and Interpol.


In my work as a counsel is it important for me to take care of the complete judicial assignment with respect for the client. This includes for example being available: I strive to respond to my client within 24 hours of his or her reference, no matter the workload. Strategic thinking is in the centre of my work: I strongly feel that a strategy, a plan, is important when trying to accomplish a set goal in judicature. If necessary I use the psychological knowledge of our firm as well as my experience from police investigations in my work.


As a licensed counsel I am under the supervision of the Chancellor of Justice, the Disciplinary Board and the legal counsel board in my work. I feel that it's important to bring new perspective to the traditional legal world as well as challenging familiar courses of action if needed. According to my experience many people feel that they haven't been heard or understood during the judicial process, and I try to change this by my own example and way of working. I regularly take part of continuing training to get up-to-date information of changes in legislation and new interpretations of the law. I also try to pass on new ways of approaching and working, as well as the values of our firm, to the field.


I educate, write and consult our firm's research. The topics have covered for example people with personality disorders in legal proceedings, the presentation of evidence by expert witnesses, disputes at work, the presumption of guilt in preliminary investigations, the alienation of children, hearing and interrogating a person and harassment from the point of view of the law and risk assessment.


I work fluently in Finnish, Swedish and English.


E-mail: jan-olof.nyholm@psyjuridica.com

Phone: 0503021417

Saara Malinen

Lawyer, Master of Laws

I am a lawyer at PsyJuridica and a Master of Laws by training. I have worked since 2012 in lawyer's offices specialized in family law. Before transferring to PsyJuridica I worked at the lawyer's office Juhani Salmenkylä Ky, assisting a lawyer with work connected to his assignments. Furthermore I have worked as a teacher for the access course of Artikla Ry, tutoring in tax law, labour law and criminal law.


In my work I am especially interested in family law, matters concerning children and criminal law. The topic of my dissertation concerned the criteria based on which custody battles are decided between equal parents. In my dissertation I researched the development of the legislation, the grounds for decision of the court regarding custody and the child's housing as well as the special characteristics of a multicultural custody battle.


A warm encounter and functioning, easy communication between the lawyer and the client is important for me in my work. To me every client and judicial assignment is special, often they concern some of the most important things in the life and future of the client. A good familiarization with the background of the case creates the best conditions to succeed with the assignment. 


I work fluently in Finnish and in English.


E-mail: saara.malinen@psyjuridica.com

Phone: 040 6562844

Laura Myllylä
Laura Myllylä

Legal Trainee

I am a legal trainee at PsyJuridica Oy and also currently working on my Master's studies in law and psychology at the University of Helsinki. I am very interested in combining these disciplines in both work and research. In my work I feel that it is very important to be attentive and considerate towards the client.


I have, among other places, worked previously in the magistrate and the unemployment fund. These jobs have involved counseling clients in addition to public service and application handling. I have also worked in my student organization, Pohjois-Pohjalainen Osakunta, as a member of the board in charge of financial matters.


I work fluently in Finnish, Swedish and English.


E-mail: laura.myllyla@psyjuridica.com

Phone: 050 3795715

Laura Kause

Legal Trainee

I am a legal trainee at Psyjuridica Oy and I am currently finishing my legal studies at the University of Eastern Finland. I am widely interested in enhancing the comprehensive human well-being and for this reason I also find psychological knowledge important to lawyers working with their clients. In my work it is important to me to be fair-minded and that the client can feel that he or she has been heard. I want to continually keep on learning new and to increase my legal knowledge.


I have previously worked in law firms, at the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, at the Ministry of Transport and Communications and at the Tax Administration. I have also been a board member of the association of law students and completed women’s voluntary military service and military leadership training.


I work fluently in Finnish and English.


E-mail: laura.kause@psyjuridica.com

Phone: 044 2390 348